At TK Elevator, our MAX-enabled devices have been helping property managers and technicians stay one step ahead of potential service disruptions for more than five years. Now, with advanced accelerometers and pattern-learning technologies, EOX elevators will be able to detect potential maintenance issues before a unit is completely out of service. That has the potential to save significant amounts of time and money as well as the inconvenience of out-of-service units or entrapments.

To make customers more comfortable while taking a ride on our elevators, EOX now includes a digital infotainment screen as a standard feature. Beyond providing riders with valuable information on the current weather and news of the day, these screens can also be leveraged for personalized messages from building management. Lastly, local advertisements can even be inserted to increase revenue for building managers and drive traffic to local businesses.

Best of all, the technology embedded in all EOX controllers enables the units to engage an eco-mode to adjust running speeds during off-peak hours and sleep mode to significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 80% from nominal rates. When units are not in use, they can power off lights, digital displays and other components to ensure it reduces as much energy use and carbon emissions as possible.

EOX from TK Elevator has reset the bar for expectations on low- to mid-rise elevators by partnering with and embracing technology from global leaders such as, Microsoft and NVIDIA. EOX from TK Elevator has reset the bar for expectations on low- to-mid-rise elevators. It delivers everything you need and more than you expect.